Anycubic Water-Wash Resin 1KG UV Wavelength 365-405nm Multiple colors for 3D LCD printer


Color: White
Size: 0.5KG
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Anycubic Water-Wash Resin

Founded in 2015, Anycubic has become one of the most popular 3D printer brands in the market, with around 300 employees based in Shenzhen, China.

Their photon mono x are most popular LCD 3d printer in these years. 

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At the same time ,we were authorized by Anycubic,Under our (antinsky)management, the products sell well and have been praised by customers.

anycubic water-wash resin experience a new way of washing

high-quality prints without cracks

anycubic water-wash resi n + adopts an upgradedformula to prevent models from cracking

the experimental results show that the models printedwith any bic water-wash resi n + can be stored for3 years in natural environment without cracks after curing

multiple choice no limitation

anycubic water-wash resin + support 3 ways of washing ,always one way that suits you . anya bic wash & curemachine suggested to get perfect results .

high precision low shrinkage

the low shrinkage rate ensures that every model will be printed withprecise detail restauration th us , the printing accuracy is improved

low odor and safe

anycubic water-wash resin + has low odor and it canensure a much better printing experience for customers

low viscosity fast printing

the resin with low viscosity means it has great fluidityduring the printing process and helps to improve printing speed

resin settings

exposure time : 1.5s

lifting height : mm

lifting speed : 1mm/s

uv power % ) : 80%

print time : 6H40M

wide compatibility

compatible with 365 -405nm wide band , anycubic water-washresin + is suitable for most resin d printers on the marketyou can achieve better effect with any bic lcd d printers

instructions for use

 before use :

shake the liquid resin before useclean the resin tank and the molding platform to keep the bottom of theresin tank in light transmission

when using:

unseren the cap and add it to the resin tank according to the equipmentrequirements ;select the correct print parameters and settings for printing

after use:

after printing please use the matching tools for post-processing ,including blade , diagonal pliers , tweezers , contai ners , gloves ;ethanol ( = 95 % ) , lactate or isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution 

post-processing steps:

remove the printed model from the molding platform with a blade

submerge the model in the cleaning solution , rinsed or ultrasonicallywashed then taken out and drained ; anycubic wash and curemachines are suggested to ensure better effect .

proper processing such as removing support , polish ng , colori ng , etc


the ideal condition for storing uncured resin is a cool , dark place at roomtemperature and protect from light to avoid high temperature or sunlight

suggested operating temperature is 18 -35 c , and a low temperature may affect the printing effect , th us , the resin can be properly preheated beforeuse not more than 60℃ if the resin pigment settles , it can be used after stirring or shaking

in order to ensure the performance of the resi n , please take out the modein time after cleaning to avoid the model soaking in water for a long time

to ensure the mechanical properties of the model , please perform postcuring in time after cleaning and drying

to ensure the ideal performance of the curable material , it is necessary tocontrol the intensity and time of the light source after curing . therefore ,the following steps are recommended :

the intensity of mercury lamp or led light source is 5 -10mw / m , andthe duration is no more than 1 hour ( self-regulation )

the exposure time in the sun summer ) is around 1 hour

proximity or long-term exposure under strong light sources such ashigh-power high-pressure mercury lamps is prohibitedim

it is recommended to print in a dark room or be covered with a lid while printing as resin is a photosensitive material

ps : material properties will vary depending on the molding equipment ,post-cu ring method and testing equipment . for safety informationplease refer to the msds of this product . if you encounter any problemswhile using , please feel free to contact us。


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