Bambu Lab Spare Sheet for Bambu High Temperature Plate (Smooth PEI) for X1 Series and P1 Series

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The Bambu High-Temperature Sheet (Smooth PEI) is a sheet with an adhesive side for replacing the sheet on your High-Temperature Plate.


The Bambu High-Temperature sheet is easy to replace and install.


  • After tearing off the original sheet, please use alcohol to wipe the surface clean. Make sure the surface stays dry while applying a new sheet.

  • You can use an anhydrous ethanol solution or isopropanol solution with a concentration of over 90% to wipe the plate.

  • You can also use detergent and water to clean the surface.

    It is also best to use special solid glue (Glue Stick for Build Plate) before printing to avoid damage during model removal.

    Recommended settings for Bambu High-Temperature Plate

    Please note that other slicer settings might need to be adjusted based on the printed model and the filament requirements.

    Hotbed Temperature Glue Stick Required? Upper Glass Cover Plate Removed?
    PLA/PLA-CF/PLA-GF 45~60℃ Recommended Yes
    ABS 90~100℃ Recommended No
    PETG 70℃ Yes No
    TPU 35℃ Recommended Yes
    ASA 90~100℃ Recommended No
    PVA 45~60℃ Recommended Yes
    PC/PC-CF 100~110℃ Yes No
    PA/PAHT-CF 100~110℃ Yes No

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