Bambu Lab US Auxiliary Part Cooling Fan for X1 Series, P1 Series

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The Auxiliary Part Cooling Fan is made from high-quality material for minimal vibration. It can aid auxiliary heat dissipation and work with front housing assembly together to achieve high-speed printing.



For X1 Series: Bambu Lab Wiki

For P1P: Bambu Lab Wiki
For P1S: Bambu Lab Wiki

In the Box

1. Auxiliary Part cooling fan


X1 Series, P1 Series


Product Specifications

Voltage / Operation Voltage 24 V / 15 V~27 V Materials Plastic, Metal, Rubber
Rated Speed 3200 rpm/min Packaging Size 167*232*40 mm
Max Air Flow 41.03 CFM Packaging Weight 372 g
Expected Life 20000 hrs at 40℃ Color Black

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