Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Combo (Chinese version) 3d printers Full automatic leveling AI intelligent control FDM 3D printer 500mm/s supporting 16 color printing

Style: X1-Carbon Combo
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Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Combo 
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About Bambu Lab 

Bambu Lab is a consumer tech company focusing on desktop 3D printers. Starting with the X1 series, BambuLab 3d printer builds state-of-the-art 3D printers that break the barriers between the digital and physical worlds, bringing creativity to a whole new level. Right now we have three sites located at Shenzhen and Shanghai in China and Austin, Texas of U.S.

What to Expect from the x1 Series
20 m/s2 AccelerationPrinting up to 16 colorsMicro Lidar Assisted Bed LevelingActive Vibration Compensation for Better Print QualitSpaghetti Failure Detection and Auto-pausePrint Resume After Power Outage
Multi-device linkage, print at any time
Prints can be initiated via Bambu Studio and monitored via the mobile APP
We also support SD card and LAN initiated printing
Multiple optimizations for high speed printing only
CoreXY structure,32mm/s flow,20m/s² acceleration,500mm/s speed
Al drive, open intelligent printing
7um LiDAR measurement, automatic double redundancy leveling, first layer automatic monitoring,Fried noodles detection intelligent recognition

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