Farsoon FS121M-E metal 3d printer SLM for Dental mold printing 120*120*100mm


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Farsoon FS121M-E metal 3d printer for Dental mold printing


The deposit is 5000USD Please communicate the final price with customer service.

Farsoon Technologies is a system supplier of industrial plastic laser sintering and metal laser melting systems founded in 2009 by Dr. Xu Xiaoshu. Dr. Xu served as a technical director at the industry's first SLS laser sintering company DTM Corporation (now 3D Systems) in the early 1990's. As one of the true pioneers of laser sintering technology, Dr. Xu is the leading expert in laser sintering/melting technology with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. Farsoon has developed a team of world-class experts with competencies in electrical/mechanical engineering, laser, scanning and optics, thermal controls, as well as material development and applications engineering.

Farsoon FS121M-E is a metal 3D printer specially designed for the field of denture. Its printing parameters are fixed to print cobalt chromium alloy.



The FS121M-E is a incredibly flexible system allowing the user to select between multiple spotand recoating blades , thcombined with a small footprint and reduced need for ancillary equipment allows the FS121 M-E to match customer workspacematerial and application requirements.


The FS121M-E features a 200W Yb-fiber laser and a fully digital scanning system . These features along with a fine spot size allows forhe creation of very detail and complex parts . Farsoon is dedicated to high quality utilizing premium parts for all key components andincorporates the latest safety systems with inert gas supply and over-sized protective filter systems all at a price that is accessible forany business.


Farsoon is the only laser sintering system producer that allows for complete freedom of operation of its machines . This means thatlachine parameters and powder choice are unlocked for the user allowing for previously-impossible levels of freedom and flexibilitywhen it comes to MLS production.

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