Ideaformer IR3 V1 3D Printer Double Gear Extrude Printer 250*250*Infinite Z Axis Core-XY Silent Double Gear Extruder FDM 3D Printer


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                                           Ideaformer IR3 V1 3D Printer 

Product Parameters:

Model:IR3 V1

Printing technology:FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Build volume:250X250X∞mm (X*Y*Z)

Print accuracy:0.2

Print thick:0.1-0.4mm

Nozzle diameter: 5pcs nozzles(2pcs--0.4mm, 1pcs--0.6mm, 1pcs--0.8mm, 1pcs--1.0mm)

The printing speed:30~ 80mm/s

Machine structure:All metal structure

Supported materials:PLA, Silk PLA, Wood PLA, PETG etc.


Slicing software:IdeaFormer Cura、ldeamaker

Input format:STL, OBJ

Output format:GCODE

Print way:SD Card

The operating system:Windows, Linus, MAC,


The input voltage :110V/220V AC; 50/60Hz

The output voltage:24V


Operating temperature:8°C~40°C

Nozzle temperature:Max 290°C

Hot bed temperature:Max 90°C

Physical Dimensions

Printer size:575 X 436 X 506mm

Package size:670X 520X 285mm

Product weight:18kg

Packed weight:21kg

Infinite-Z-axis for Endless Printing:

Equipped with the rolling conveyor belt, it realize continuous printing. No worries to print the infinite length model. High productivity, time-saving, and cost-efficient(Print dimension: 250X250X∞mm (X*Y*Z))*A removable extension bracket is available for installing to prevent the model from falling during printing.

Rolling Conveyor Belt:

Made of PU polyester, the conveyor belt features excellent adhesion to the model. The printed model can fall off automatically as the belt rolls to the end, thus free your hand. Strong adhesion | Free removal | Wear-resistant| Well-balanced conveyance | Easy to replace the conveyor belt.

Unique IR3-MT Hotend:

We independently developed the 3D printer IR3-MT hotend, which can print continuously. The maximum temperature is 250℃, it can print PLA, Silk PLA, Wood PLA and PETG well.if you can load TPU filament well, it can stick on the conveyor belt.ABS is a little hard to stick on the conveyor belt, need put some glue on the conveyor belt at start printing or put a tape on it.

You can buy our IR3-M/MF all metal hotend separately, If you want to print higher temperature filament ,such as Nylon ,PC,ASA.The maximum temperature can up to 290℃.

Stable Core-XY and Linear Guide Rail :

It has stable and sturdy Core-XY precision construction . The linear guide is adopted stainless steel linear guide rail instead of traditional POM pulley, reducing the probability of accuracy problems resulted in by pulley wear fast and wear off the powder.It can bear loads in all directions .It has the advantages of high rigidity,high load,high precision, low noise and super wear-resisting.

Filament Breakage Detector:

It has intelligent material breaking detection sensor and material breaking reminder. Ultra-silent Motherboard/Fans to Cool Down Ensure/Pause Printing(for changing filament color if you need).

Dual Gear Metal Extrusion Mechanism:

High-quality dual gear metal extrusion, combined with the 45 degrees slanting nozzle realizing constant printing of >200 hours without Pressure.

Control System:

We use a new MKS V2.1 mainboard with TMC2226 step driver, it can adjust current to make motor with more or less power by LCD. Silient printing creats a comfortable environment.

Slice Software:

IdeaFormer Cura、ldeamaker

A Desktop Size 3D Printer,

Easy to Achieve the Batch Print

Machine Dimension: 575 X 436 X 506mm

Place of Origin

Brand Name
3D Printer Farm/Education/school
Heated Bed, dual extruder, Filament Detection
Production Capacity
1000 sets/months
6 months
Applicable Industries
Machinery Repair Shops, Home Use, Retail, Printing Shops, Other
Molding Technology
Key Selling Points
Infinite-Z-Axis Endless Printing
Machinery Test Report
Not Available
Video outgoing-inspection
Warranty of core components
6 months
Product name
Ideaformer IR3 V1 Belt Printer
Printing Material
Printing size
250x250x infinite
Print speed
Nozzle diameter
0.4 mm
Print way
SD card
input format
output format
Product weight
Packed weight

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