PioCreat UV01 3D dental printer Thermostatic UV Curing Machine 405nm UV light applied to a variety of resin for dental printer Cure

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Pionext UV01

Established in 2015, Shenzhen Piocreat 3D Technology Co., Ltd. owns the complete proprietary intellectual property rights of its products by virtue of independent R&D and innovation.The company focuses on the R&D, production and sales of 3D printers in advertising sign, dentistry, jewelry, other additive and subtractive manufacturing. Through years of accumulation in R&D and manufacturing technology in professional 3D printing and by means of continuous innovation, the company offers a variety of services to clients in advertising sign, jewelry, dentistry, medical care, automotive manufacturing, anime figurines, models and other industries. PioNext is a jewelry and dental 3D printer and resin brand owned by PioCreat 3D.

Covering an area of 10,000 square meters of large-scale production base, Piocreat 3D owns a complete system of R&D, manufacturing, after-sales and a strong technological edge. We own an advanced large-scale R&D center, 3D printing laboratory, new materials research institute and modern production lines coordinated by 24-hour uninterrupted professional testing line and strict quality control system to ensure product quality from the source.

Guided by "Quality is underpinned by professionalism, brand by service", Piocreat 3D will achieve to become a globally renowned brand in 3D printing industry by relying on professional development, basing ourselves on China and facing the world.

UV-01 Thermostatic UV Curing Machine

Thermostatic UV Curing MachineThermostatic UV Curing Machine D180×H120mm  365nm,385nm,405nm UV light can be freely combined,It can be applied to a variety of resin materialsIt can be applied to a variety of resin materials to cure at the same time.Multi-band independent control can improveMulti-band independent control can improve the degree of post-curing.

5 min

Curing time reduced to 5 minutes or less


Full 360° light exposure ensures fast , uniform , andthorough post-curing

365/385 / 405 nm

Can be applied to a variety ofresin materials to cure at the same time

Six Key Technologies Upgrade Configuration

In-cavity constant temperature heating PID control algorithm guarantees

Full 360 light exposure Greatly improvedcuring speed

Irradiation with multi-band light source Three bands can be combined freely

Smart Device Speed / time settings

Super cooling system Automatic cooling after curing

Simple operation Friendly interface

Thermostatic UV Curing MachineD180xh120mm

365nm , 385nm , 405nm UV light can be freely combined ,It can be applied to a variety of resin materialsto cure at the same timeMulti-band independent control can improvethe degree of post-curing

All-round curing is more uniform Full 360 light exposure ensures fast , uniformand thorough post-curing ;Reduce the deformation of the second solidbetter ensure the printing accuracy ;Greatly improved curing speed

In-cavity constant temperature heating

Water-curing reduces deformation due topost-curing exothermic heat ,The rotation speed of the turntable has two options normal speed and low speed There is a buzzer to remind when curing is completed

Cover opening protectionSmart UV shading top cover If the cover is opened during the curing process , thecuring process will be terminatedThe UV light blocking rate is as high as 99% ,preventing the damage of ultraviolet light

Operate Conveniently Friendly Interactive Interface

Touch-sensitive buttons , LED high-defnitionLCD display , Simple , Convenient and Sensitive

Effect of secondary curing Smoother surface Stronger models More stable in size


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