Scantech iReal 2E handheld 3D scanner with high precision Smooth scanning 3d scanner

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Scantech iReal 2E
IREAL introduction
Scantech handheld IReal 3D color scanner with high precision

IReal 3d scanner is cost-effective specially designed for non-industrial field. ScanTech integrates the knowledge of AR, HD image acquisition and experienced metrology 3D measurement into IReal 3D scanner, pioneered the era of AR 3D scanning.

IReal 3d scanner deeply satisfies the demand of 3D Modeling Texture in non-industrial businesses. It brings cost-saving industrial transformation to enterprises in the digital age.

Main feature
Super HD textureHigh precision

-Industrial HD camera, directly capture 3D data in full color.

No sticker

-IReal 3d scanner positioning through natural feature without stickers.

-Real time scanning with visual guidance, everyone can quickly start without any experience

Fast speed, Smooth scanning
-550000 points/s, ensuring high efficiency of 3d scanning.
-Unique algorithm, smooth scanning process

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