SHINING EINSCAN H handheld 3D scanner human figure and colorful objects 3D scanner


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Shining3d is a world-renowned 3D scanner manufacturer. The company is a leader in the production of handheld 3D scanners, with algorithm energy, high scanning accuracy and high accuracy.
EinScan H is a lightweight, handheld 3D scanner designed to scan human figure and colorful objects. Scan range for human body is 420 x 440 mm, while for face is 780 x 900 mm
SHINING3D 3D Scanner EinScan H

EinScan H is a handheld 3D scanner operating in hybrid LED light technology and invisible infrared light. Hybrid light technology allows for advanced settings in various scanning modes, enabling 3D scanning in a wide range of applications. The scanner has a built-in color camera and a large field of view, which guarantees high quality full color 3D scans that are ready in minutes.

Small details

The SHINING3D EinScan H 3D scanner features a high resolution of 0.25 mm. The scanner records the full geometry of objects, which makes it ideal for scanning works of art and furniture with fine details. The scanned objects have a high accuracy of up to 0.05 mm, which improves the precision of 3D modeling.
Scan Modes

The scanner allows you to work in three scanning modes. One of them is scanning standards for scanning virtually all objects, Body Scan, used to scan the human body, and Face Scan, designed to scan the human face. The device uses invisible infrared light, which allows for a safe and convenient scanning process. SHINING3D EinScan H 3D scanner is perfect for scanning objects in dark colors and scanning human hair.
Quick Scan

The SHINING3D EinScan H 3D scanner scans at a speed of 1 200 000 points/s and has a field of view of 420 x 440 mm for fast scanning of large objects. The scanner has an optimized alignment algorithm, which means that despite small movements of the scanned object or person, the scan remains of high quality and precision.

Portable and easy to use

SHINING3D EinScan H is a lightweight, portable handheld scanner weighing 703 g. The scanner software is intuitive and user-friendly, which makes the operation of the device easy for both professional and novice users.
SolidEdge software

SolidEdge software ® is a comprehensive 3D design system that uses synchronous technology to accelerate design, make changes faster and enable better reuse. The EinScan H scanner is sold with SolidEdge software so we get a complete reverse engineering solution that allows further processing of scanned models. The software comes with a perpetual license and free updates for 12 months.

Communications:USB 3.0

Supported file types:obj, stl, asc, ply, p3, 3mf

Scan accuracy:Standard mode: up to 0.05 mm. Face scan mode: up to 0.6 mm

Scan speed:Standard mode: 1 200 000 points/s.Face scan mode720000 points/s

Light source:Standard mode: white light, visible; Face scan mode: infrared light, invisible


Weight:703 g

Dimensions:108 x 110 x 237 mm

Guarantee:12 months

Point distance:Standard Mode: 0.25 p3 mm.Face Scan Mode: 0.5-3 mm

Depth of vision:Standard mode: 200 h700 mm, Face scan mode h200 h1500 mm


Volume accuracy:Standard mode: 0.05+0.1 mm/m, Face scan mode: -

Working distance:470mm

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