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Antinsky build new channel for Dental 3d printing machine


Dentistry is an important application field of 3D printing. As like as two peas of 3D printing technology are being developed, more and more dental clinics use 3D scanners and 3D printers to reproduce teeth. The new teeth are exactly the same as those used in the original dentistry.

In order to facilitate customers' procurement, antisky classifies dental related equipment into one directory. Including dental 3D scanner, dental resin 3D printer, dental photosensitive resin, dental metal 3D printer, dental 3D engraving machine, etc.
Next year, we will continue to launch more dental 3D printing products. Welcome to our website shopping!




牙科是3d打印的重要应用领域。随着3d打印技术的不断提升, 越来越多的牙科诊所使用3d扫描仪和3d打印机来复制牙齿,是的新作的牙齿和原先的牙齿一模一样。

为了方便客户的采购, Antinsky将牙科相关的设备统一归类到一个目录下。 包括、牙科3d扫描仪、牙科树脂3d打印机、牙科光敏树脂、牙科金属3d打印机、以及牙科3d雕刻机等等。

明年我们还将继续上线更多的牙科3d打印类产品。 欢迎来到我们网站 选购!

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