How to Reflash Phrozen firmware?

Phrozen latest firmware download

Phrozen Sonic mini 4k firmware

Phrozen Sonic mighty 4k firmware

Phrozen mega 8k firmware

Phrozen Sonic 4k firmware


Step 1: Download the firmware file from Antinsky official store into your PC:
Step 2: Unzip the zip file and save all the files to a clean USB drive.
We recommend formatting the USB drive to FAT32 before starting this process
and make sure the files are not stored in the folder.
Step 3: Plug the USB drive into your Phrozen 3d printer
Step 4: Restart the Phrozen 3d printer. The firmware will start to update automatically
Step 5: After the update is complete, there will be a loud "beep,"
and a pop-up window will appear on the touch panel.
Please note that It might take around 5 mins to run the program
Step 6: Unplug the USB drive and restart the printer.
Step 7: Firmware update is now complete. Make sure to click on the button “INFO”
to check if your 3D printer has been updated to the new version.


If you have more 3d technical questions, please read our 3D technology. If our article can't solve your problem, you can send your problem to

2.將所有檔案存入一個乾淨的隨身碟不要放置在資料夾內以免讀取失敗 (FAT32- 8/16G)
5.自動更新 等候連串的嗶嗶聲結束後 進入開機畫面
6.關閉電源 並移除USB隨身碟
7.開啟電源 -----完成更新


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