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Flashforge technology 3D printer Creator 4 was officially launched to accelerate design iteration and production


Antinsky:  December 1, 2021, Flashforge Creator 4 was officially sold to the global market. As the latest product of Creator series 3d printer, Flashforge Creator 4 attracted much attention when it was just launched. In the face of the changing industrial use needs in the global market, Creator 4 has been upgraded to provide multi scheme application options for product design, development and production of small and medium-sized enterprises and studios, so as to meet more material printing needs, so as to help them accelerate design iteration and production.

With the in-depth development of 3D printing in the field of professional production, the demand of enterprise users for high-performance material printing has increased significantly. In view of this trend, Flashforge Creator 4 innovates several functions to meet the needs of enterprise users for multi-material, high-precision and stable printing.

"1 + 3 + 2" modular nozzle combination: 1 machine body, 3 printing nozzles and 2 filament detection modules. Creator 4 upgrades the replaceable nozzle module on the basis of the original independent double nozzles to meet double productivity and support a variety of industrial materials. Users can select corresponding nozzles according to different material properties to meet personalized printing requirements.

65 ℃ constant Chamber temperature: the advanced temperature control management system has a constant cavity temperature of 65 ℃, and the software controls the preheating and thermal insulation before and after printing, reduces the thermal shrinkage of the model in the printing process, ensures the mechanical properties of the finished model, prevents the warpage and cracking of ABS / PC / PA and other engineering consumables, and ensures the quality and dimensional accuracy of the model.

Super large print size: 400 * 350 * 500mm print format, which can meet the printingAntinsky3d needs of most manufactured parts, and the creative design is not limited.

7-inch touch screen: large touch screen, new UI interface design, clear interface and clearer operation.

Intelligent material management system: before printing, the system can intelligently match the temperature to be heated according to the material type, and set the cavity pre insulation to ensure the success rate of printing; After printing, intelligently control and adjust the cooling temperature to prepare for subsequent printing and reduce the waiting time.

Platform locking system: the newly designed intelligent leveling system completes leveling locking at the factory. Users can print after startup without secondary leveling. At the same time, it is equipped with 16 point automatic leveling compensation, which can calibrate minor differences according to the situation without worry.

Flashforge Creator 4 is a 3D printer designed to solve the pain points of enterprise small batch production and application and product prototype design and development. Flash casting technology expects Wolverine 4 to collide with applications in various industries and truly empower design and production after it is put into the market.

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