Antinsky help schools with basic education and create the future of 3D printing

  Recently, the unveiling ceremony of the College student Practice base jointly built by Xiamen Jiageng College and Xiamen University Jiageng College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automation was successfully held in Room 203 of the Science and Technology Building.

  "I have always hoped to do my best to let more students have the opportunity to contact 3D printing, and this donation is also the realization of my wish for many years." General manager Li also shared his experience of contacting and learning 3D printing technology in college and expressed the expectation of school-enterprise cooperation to educate talents, he pointed out: with the development of The Times and technology, 3D printers are constantly updated and iterated, which brings convenience to life but also allows more people to access to 3D printing technology.

  Fang Liang, on behalf of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automation, thanked Xiamen Jizhi Industrial Co., Ltd. for its support in teaching and talent training, and introduced in detail the professional construction, talent training, employment status, school-enterprise cooperation and other aspects of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automation. Fang Liang pointed out that training applied and composite talents is the goal that the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automation has always adhered to, and school-enterprise cooperation not only provides a broad platform for students' practice and internship, but also better meets the needs of enterprises for applicable talents and achieves a win-win situation for schools and enterprises. He said that the ten 3D printing equipment and consumables donated by Xiamen Jizhi Industrial Co., Ltd. will greatly facilitate students to study 3D printing technology.

  The university and the enterprise unveiled the practical teaching base for college students, and conducted interactive exchanges on the construction plan of the 3D printing maker park. At the scene, student representatives shared their knowledge and understanding of 3D printing related technologies, and asked questions about 3D printing learning and application. The participating teachers and enterprise representatives answered in detail one by one.

In the future, both schools and enterprises will further promote the construction of 3D printing maker park and help our students participate in various competitions. It is reported that the initial construction of the 3D printing maker park will be carried out through the way of "knowledge popularization (online platform) - professional team guidance - students independent printing", in order to attract more students to understand and learn 3D printing technology.


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