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Antinsky Black Friday launches 3 new 3D printing products

Antinsky black Friday launched three new 3D printing products. These three new products make up for the blank in the current 3D printer market to a great extent. Let's have a look!

1. Antinsky Wash and Cure Smart

Antinsky wash and cure smart is a washing and curing device for resin 3D printer launched by JZCX company.Unlike other devices on the market, this is a portable kit that is easy to carry and does not take up space. You can wash and cure large-scale print models.

You can put the ultrasonic cleaning generator in a small box or a large bucket and clean the model with 95% alcohol. The size of the cutting model is also basically unlimited, as long as there is a large enough cover to block ultraviolet radiation. A very large model can be cut by adjusting the position of the UV lamp several times. The maximum bearing capacity of turntable is 2kg, which can meet most use requirements.

2. Antinsky vacuum kit with wireless electric pump

Many people know that in order to avoid 3D filament moisture, many people will use vacuum bag to store the filament and keep the filament dry. Antisky's Vacuum Kit not only provides more vacuum bags than other brands, but also provides a wireless electric vacuum pump for the first time. I believe this product will greatly help our customers easily store 3D filaments

3. 3D Printer Resin Filter * 200 Disposable + Cone Silicone Resin Funnel

The paper filter is no stranger to users of the resin printer, but I believe that the five paper filters configured in the 3D printer must not be enough. Antinsky has provided 200 paper filters this time, which I believe will meet the daily use of resin printer users.

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