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 Anycubic  photon ultra first desk top DLP 3d printer start delivery

In September 2021, anyubic officially released the world's desktop dlp3d printer. This is an expected product. After several months of preparation, we have begun to officially deliver the goods. The product has been first released on the official website of antisky. Welcome to buy it.

Anycyclic photon ultra supports a layer thickness of 0.01 ~ 0.15 mm, a printing speed of 1.5s/layer (maximum 60mm / h), and a native optical resolution of 1280 × 720 。


Compared with SLA 3D printer, DLP 3D printer not only has the advantages of detail, power consumption and service life, but also requires relatively less maintenance.

From the large-scale peoplephenom equipped with msla (LCD + LED) scheme to the micro elegoo Mars pro with 28 50W UV LED lamp sets, we have seen many different types of 3D printers in the past few years.


DLP printers direct light with such high precision, that even with a lower specified resolution of 720p, the results are visibly better than those coming out of a 4K printer. Because LCD printers stretch pixels the larger the screen, even higher resolution LCD printers don't come close to to the life-like result of prints made on the Photon Ultra. 

However, anycupic claims that although the LCD of SLA 3D printer is nominally 2000 hours, the DLP engine can easily reach 20000 hours. Moreover, photon ultra does not need a mechanical fan, and its power consumption is 60% lower than that of LCD.

Product link: Anycubic Photon ultra


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