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ESUN new product launch eCure: foldable curing box, have you seen it?

Players who play light curing printing may know that after the photosensitive resin printing is completed, there will be a layer of incompletely cured soft resin on the surface of the model work, accompanied by some printing residues. Therefore, these prints usually need secondary curing to achieve better mechanical or aesthetic effects.

At present, the curing box or cleaning curing machine on the market is usually plastic shell, which inevitably has various problems such as "small curing volume, inconvenient storage, poor curing effect, insufficient strength" and so on.

Based on the above pain points, eSUN specially developed eCure box curing box, which can quickly and completely cure the light curing model in a few minutes. After secondary curing, the model will be harder and smoother than the ordinary model.

Although this product looks simple, it is indeed a great idea, which greatly solves the problem of the huge volume of the original product, especially the high cost in export transportation. In addition to being foldable, the expanded size of this product 280 * 280 * 220mm also greatly exceeds the curing size of mainstream products on the market.

ESUN is also unambiguous in product design. The product has a timing function. The curing time of 1 ~ 16 minutes can be set according to the type and size of the curing model to prevent overexposure.

A tool bag is designed on the right side of the product to facilitate the storage of users' tools. Do you like this product?

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虽然这个产品看上去简单,但确实是一次不小的创意,大大解决了原有产品体积庞大的问题,特别是在出口运输上成本较高。 除了可以折叠外,这款产品展开后的尺寸280*280*220mm的尺寸也大大超过了市面上主流产品的固化尺寸。





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