Phrozen Mighty 8k Camera Firmware Enable

The remote control and camera monitoring update operations of the Phezen Mighty 8k APP are as follows
1. Download the attachment file
2. Decompress the software package
3. Format the 16GB USB flash disk as FAT32 distribution unit 2048, and put the. RBF and. BIN files into the formatted USB flash disk
Note: If it exceeds 16G, it may need to be formatted with third-party software
The specific operations are as follows

4. Insert the USB stick into the machine
5. Print - U disk - click the. RBF file and run - execute - FPGA update completed - restart the machine manually
6. The system will automatically enter the update after startup, and then reset the system
7. Scan the mobile phone to download the Phrozen GO APP,

Android Downloadable Google App Store Search Phrozen GO
ios can search for Phrozen GO in the APP store
8. After the machine is set, click Remote Control and display the QR code
9. Use APP scanning to bind the machine

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