In case of defects such as heavy lamination in the light curing model

  We can specifically try to solve the problem from the causes of unilateral shrinking:

  1. If the parting height is too low, increase some parting height appropriately

  2. Insufficient resin flow in the tank

  3. Floor height

Why leveling before using 3D printer

  Uneven forming platforms will directly lead to uneven bottoms. On the underside of the forming platform, the layer will be relatively thin. After printing, the base plate will be obviously inclined, while other orientations are normal. Excessive accumulation will cause precision error, model dislocation, etc.

How to level the photo curing printer printing without A4 paper, you can also use A4 paper to level it. First remove the forming platform (to avoid LCD screen damage caused by resin dripping), remove the material trough, pave A4 paper (four pieces are needed for an ordinary piece of ACF), install the forming platform, tighten the screws slightly, so that the forming platform can shake slightly. Operate the machine to lower the forming platform, check whether the four corners are warped, and if not, tighten each corner several times, The leveling can be completed by installing the chute on the lifting platform.

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