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Taiwan Phrozen resin 3d printer joins hands with Antinsky 3d to expand the international market

Phrozen is one of the world's best-selling resin printer brands, which founded in 2016Y. It focuses on lcd 3d printing technology and is always famous for high-precision printing. It is the first to withdraw from 4K, 8K and large-size resin printing as a leading 3D printer product in the industry.

Phrozen sonic mini 4k

Antinsky is the famous 3d printer online store in the world, which focusing on 3D printing products (3d printer, 3d filament, 3d resin, 3d scanner,3d pen...). Antinsky has a very wide range of sales channels. In addition to their newly launched super website www.antinsky.net, there are many stores on e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, aliexpress, wish and eBay to provide corresponding services for business customers and end customers. Antinsky is located in Xiamen, China. Good port resources enable Antinsky to sell goods around the world at very low freight. At the same time, Antinsky has also arranged overseas warehouses in the United States, the European Union, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom and other regions, and established agency channels in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and other places, so as to quickly send goods to end customers.


Phrozen sonic mighty 4k resin 3d printer
The strategic cooperation between Phrozen and Antinsky, both parties will jointly prepare a certain amount of inventory in Xiamen. This will greatly facilitate the purchase of Phrozen 3D printers from Chinese mainland, and also greatly shorten the delivery time. It will greatly help Phrozen broaden its sales channels and seize the global market.

Based on this cooperation, Antinsky has also become the first officially authorized distributor of Phrozen in Chinese mainland. Antinsky CEO Li Yi also said that in 2022, China will increase the business layout of Chinese mainland, and launch e-commerce shops such as Tmall, Taobao and 1688 to promote Phrozen brand in Chinese mainland.

It is believed that the strong combination of Phrozen and Antinsky will be an important milestone in the 3D printer market.

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