The resin is cured on the LCD screen. How to deal with it?  3D Printing skill - ANTINSKY 3D - Antinsky3d
Many friends will encounter liquid leakage in the material tank VAT of the resin 3D printer, and the resin is solidified on the LCD screen.

This situation must be handled carefully. If it is not handled properly, the LCD screen will crack and the loss will be great.

In case of leakage of VAT material tank, the treatment method is as follows:

1. Stop using immediately and wipe off the uncured photosensitive resin with paper towel.

2. Spray 95% alcohol with a wet towel (industrial alcohol is better) and apply it on the LCD screen.

3. After 40 minutes, the resin was gently wiped. If there is more cured resin, repeat the above steps repeatedly.

4. Better new release film and re level.  

Special reminder:

Traditional FEP and nfep release films are only 0.15mm Be careful not to break the release film during use. When holding the chute, be sure to grasp the chute frame.

The ACF release film newly launched by ANTINSKY is 0.3mm, and the transmittance and release force are still better than nfep. High speed printing and longer service life. (ACF leveling requires 3 sheets of A4 paper)

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