What is a UV curing printing device and its principle?

Many friends who have creative ideas that need to be implemented or need to create customized printing may have some preliminary understanding of the 3D printing industry, but there are also many unclear points. Which machine should I choose for so many machines? So, let me introduce the UV curing printer in 3D printers to you.

1、 DPL/LCD (Digital light processing)

The UV curing printer mainly consists of a chip, an exposure screen (LCD or projection panel), a material slot, touch components, a molding table, Z-axis, and a motherboard.

2、 Principle:

When it is executing a slicing file, such as the CTB file exported by the Red Rabbit software, for example, when the machine starts executing the program and printing the model, the forming platform drops to the bottom of the material slot, and the light source displays a specific pattern of a certain layer. At this time, the cured resin generated in the material slot will be fixed on the forming platform, and each exposure will generate one layer, and the printing platform will rise one layer until the entire 3D model is produced.

3、 Application fields:

education industry, handicraft industry, factory design sample making, props industry, sculpture industry, DIY design industry, industrial molds.

4、 Advantages of UV curing:

1. Additive manufacturing and cost saving
2. The types of consumables used can be used according to needs, such as high-temperature resistance, jewelry casting, toughness, elasticity, rigidity, micro engraving, and other resins.
3. Small equipment volume
4. High printing accuracy, capable of printing ultra high precision models
5. Easy to remove support

5、 Disadvantages of UV curing:

1. Each low-quality resin has strong irritation
2. Need to have an understanding of the 3D printing industry and a clear understanding of how to operate equipment
3. There are many printing precautions
4. The printing effect depends on the material, machine performance, and machine parameter settings

6、 How to choose the UV curing printer I need

Firstly, you need to determine what your purpose is and what size of the largest model you need to print. Then, you can choose the desired accuracy, but don't worry about it. My friend, you can search for Antinsky or Ants in the cloud through Shopify, AliExpress, Taobao, JD, etc. You can contact us and express your requirements and ideas. Our staff will then select a satisfactory machine for you.

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