ELEGOO Saturn 3U Z-axis motion detection method
1. If your touch screen can operate normally, only the screw has no reaction, please go to step 2 directly
2. Download the Saturn 3 Ultra firmware and import the files to the root directory of the USB flash drive without any folder. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1p6Y7n2z4pwpgbCC4-02BZhBcuimGmVr4?usp=sharing
Insert a USB flash drive within 32GB and restart the machine. Normally, the machine will automatically read the file. If it still cannot be used after brushing the machine.
3: https://youtu.be/Pi86ivsqOCU? to plug the motor port si=2MxoAUsOH-t6CcGM
Open the cover and carry out the motor wiring, the motor to the main team wiring reinsertion and restoration test.
For detailed instructions and remote tutorials, please contact technology@antinsky.com
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