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Removing Cured Resin Stuck on the FEP Film

If your model falls into the resin vat, or resin tank, during the printing process, please use a yellow plastic scraper to check for solids. Don’t leave the remaining cured resin in the resin vat.  

DO NOT use the metal scraper to scrape up cured resin. 

After printing, gently use a soft scraper to scrape cured resin off the FEP or PFA (nFEP) film. If this doesn't work, use your fingertip and push the bottom of the FEP or PFA (nFEP) film, as the GIF down below.

This will create a separation between the FEP or PFA (nFEP) film and the resin. Then use the scraper, or use your hand while wearing a glove, to pick up the cured resin. 

Once resin hardens, it will become difficult to clean the FEP or PFA (nFEP) film, leading to a reduction in the FEP or PFA (nFEP) film’s overall lifespan.     

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