Problem case: What to do if a part of my printing support disappears


1、 Problem description:

The printing accuracy and quality of the model are fine, but some of the solid support after printing disappears.
Only the top support is left, and the middle and bottom support are missing. The same applies to lychee with support and slicing.
The bottom valve has not increased either. The place where the support disappears becomes a Z-axis stretch, such as a circle becoming an ellipse, replacing the position where the support appears.


2、 The following issues were identified during the investigation:

1. There is noise during the machine's descent/ascent process
2. The screw rod can be easily shaken by hand


3、 Solution:

Imprison the T-shaped platform and platform leveling state to the lowest point and imprison the screw rod


4、 If there are no obvious phenomena mentioned above, please perform the following inspections:


1. LCD exposure test to detect screen damage



1. Reinstall slicing software
2. Reboot system firmware

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