Replacing the FEP Film

The FEP film or PFA (nFEP) film must be changed once it is dented, deformed, or pierced. Minor scratches and/or smudges on the film do not require replacement as it usually does not affect the print quality. The following is a guide to replace your FEP film and PFA (nFEP) film.

Removing the FEP Film

Step 1: Open the chamber, or remove the plastic cover of your resin 3D printer.

Step 2: Make sure the building plate has lifted completely. If it hasn't, switch on the device and on the touch panel, click TOOLS, and click MANUAL, then proceed to lift the building plate to the top.

DO NOT exceed the Z-axis height limitation. If it exceeds the limit, the building plate may become stuck at the top.

Step 3: Turn off your 3D printer and remove the two bolts securing the resin vat.

Step 4: Remove the resin vat from the 3D printer and lay it on a flat and stable surface.

Step 5: Spray some 95% sanitizing alcohol, IPA, on the resin vat, and clean it with a soft kitchen paper towel or a fiber cloth.

Step 6: Unscrew the screws placed on the back of the resin vat.

Step 7: Remove the FEP film frame from the resin vat and remove the FEP film. 

Installing the New FEP Film

Step 1: Spray some 95% sanitizing alcohol, IPA, on the FEP film frame, and clean it with a paper towel or a fiber cloth.

Step 2: Place the FEP film between the resin vat and the FEP film frame.

Step 3: Slightly tighten the screws in the corners first. Then continue onto the sides.

Step 4: Once all the screws are in place, tighten it completely. 

Step 5: Use a utility knife to cut off the excessive FEP film from the resin vat.

Step 6: Install the resin vat back onto the 3D printer. 

1. If the screws cannot be loosened, it means that the resin has gotten into the screw joints. To resolve this issue, please spray 95% alcohol, IPA onto the screw joints, and let it rest for approximately 15 minutes before trying again. 

2. The FEP film needs to be replaced once in a while; learn more on when to replace it here.

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