Suggested Supports Settings

Customize your supports by toggling through the support tabs and adjusting the values based on your needs. 

For first-time users and beginners, here is a list of recommended settings when using CHITUBOX’s auto support settings: 

Small Format Devices (LCD 5.5” & 6.1”)

Light supports

Upper Diameter: 0.6 mm

Lower Diameter: 0.8 mm

Density: >70%

Medium Format Devices (LCD size 8.9” & 9.3”):

Light supports

Upper Diameter: 0.8 mm

Lower Diameter: 1.0 mm

Density: >70%

Large Format Devices (LCD size 13.3” & 15"):

Light supports

Upper Diameter: 1.0 mm

Lower Diameter: 1.2 mm

Density: >70%

Setting Up Rafts

Raft Shape: Skate

Raft Area Ratio: >110%

Raft Thickness: 1.0mm

Raft Height: 1.0mm

1. After adding supports, please check to see if the 3D model has any unsupported areas.

2. We recommend you check out check 3dprintingpro’s Youtube tutorial for manually setting supports. 

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