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Vat Cleaning Function

The vat cleaning function exposes the entire LCD for several seconds, forming a thin layer of cured resin on the FEP film. We suggest you perform this function when your 3D prints have failed, and a large amount of cured resin particles are scattered around the resin vat.

Vat Cleaning

  1. Fill the vat with some resin. 
  2. On the touch panel, click TOOLS, then choose VAT CLEANING.
  3. Set the exposure time to 30~60 seconds. Then click NEXT.
  4. A thin layer of resin should cure on the FEP film.

Remove the Thin Layer

  1. Pour resin back to the bottle by using the funnel provided in the toolbox. Pour slowly to avoid spillage. Click here to learn more. 
  2. Use a clean paper towel to remove excess resin remaining in the vat.
  3. Spray 95% sanitizing alcohol onto the thin layer of resin. Let the resin sit for a while as it softens up.
  4. Then use the plastic scraper included in the toolbox to remove the thin layer of cured resin.

Clean the Resin Vat

  1. Spray some sanitizing alcohol and use a kitchen paper towel to wipe excess resin present on the FEP film.
  2. Repeat the step above, and make sure to clean the edges until the entire resin vat is cleaned thoroughly.
  3. Attach the resin vat back onto the LCD 3D printer.

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