Voron 2.4 case: Extruder cannot extrude/withdraw consumables solution

Description of the problem:

The machine cannot extrude or pump back the consumables, and the consumables can be pulled at will


  1. Check whether the motor is running normally
  2. Check whether the extruder lock and spin are in place
  3. Check whether the extruder gear is slippery
  4. Check whether the extruder gear is in place with the motor output gear


  1. If the operation is normal, skip this step
  2. Re-lock the latch and tighten the extruder
  3. Remove the extruder gear to check whether the parts are smooth
  4. Check whether it is difficult to rotate when the extruder gear is matched with the motor gear when the power is on. If the above problems are not problems and it is difficult to rotate, the surface installation problem can be solved by adjusting the Angle.2. If it still cannot be started, please contact our engineer for remote assistance

If you need detailed steps and remote guidance tutorials, please contact email at technology@antinsky.com

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