What is an FDM device in 3D printing and what is its principle?

Many friends who have creative ideas that need to be implemented or need to create customized printing may have some preliminary understanding of the 3D printing industry, but there are also many unclear points. Which machine should I choose for so many machines? So, let me introduce the FDM printer in 3D printers to you.

1、 FDM (Fused deposition modeling) refers to the molten deposition model.
The FDM3D printer (ant in the cloud) mainly consists of a nozzle component, a hot bed, an XYZ three way motor, and a drive motherboard.
The printed materials include PLA, ABS, PETG, LW, carbon fiber, rubber, etc.
2、 Principle: When executing the GOCDE file, under the execution of the motherboard algorithm program, the hot bed is heated to the calibration temperature, and the wire is heated to a temperature slightly higher than its melting point in the nozzle. It is extruded onto the hot bed through a nozzle with a micro nozzle, and the layer by layer patterns in the slicing software are covered in the XYZ three-dimensional motion of the nozzle component until printing is completed to generate a three-dimensional model.
3、 Application fields: education industry, handicraft industry, factory design sample making, props industry, sculpture industry, and DIY design industry.

4、 FDM Advantages:
1. Additive manufacturing and cost saving
2. The types of consumables used can be used according to demand
3. Small equipment volume
5、 Disadvantages of FDM:
1. Low accuracy, generally within 0.1mm
2. Long printing time
3. It is difficult to remove materials that require support, except for water-soluble support.
6、 How to choose the FDM printer I need
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