Why Do Horizontal Layer Lines Appear on My 3D Prints?

What’s Wrong with My Resin 3D Print?

When inspecting the 3D print, visible horizontal layer lines appeared across the surface of your prints.

What Causes the 3D Printing Issue?

Layer lines appear when a single layer fails to print properly, forming a clear visible horizontal line on the 3D print. This issue is easily confused with layer shifting, pixel lines, or stepper lines, but the causes are vastly different. Layer lines are usually one of the following or a combination of them:

Resin Profile Settings:

  1. Normal layer exposure time is incorrect.
  2. Lift height is not high enough.
  3. Light-off delay time is not long enough.

Other Settings:

  1. Pausing during the printing process.
  2. Support isn’t strong enough.
  3. Set up for hollowed print is incorrect.
  4. FEP film needs to be replaced.

Troubleshooting the Layer Lines Issue

Resolving this issue may require adjusting several settings as well as redialing your resin before adjusting the supports. The following steps are in the order of the most likely cause of the layer lines:

Adjusting the Resin Profile Settings:

  1. Check out the official resin profile and make sure you have dialed in the exposure time and lift height correctly.
  2. Make sure your light-off delay time is set according to this auto-calculator.

Other Adjustments:

  1. Increase the Upper Diameter and Support Density. For suggested values, please refer to this article.
  2. If it is a hollowed 3D model, make sure the wall thickness for small print is at least 1.5 mm, large print at least 2 mm, then add at least 2 drain holes that are at least 3 mm wide to the bottom of the 3D print.
  3. Inspect the status of your FEP or PFA (nFEP) film, replace it if necessary.

If you're still facing this issue, please fill out the following form, and our engineering team will get back to you within two business days.


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