In the new year, we will be better and better! Antisnky3d - Antinsky3d

 In the new year, we will be better and better!

2021 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The epidemic did not leave as early as we expected. Affected by the epidemic, the economy and consumption of various countries are still weak. Without the demand for mask 3d printing, it is difficult for the 3D printer industry in 2021 to surpass the prosperity in 2020. The performance of many 3D printers and 3D printer material manufacturers fell sharply. In such a difficult environment, Antinsky still achieved a good result of doubling its performance, which is inseparable from the efforts of all team members.

In the past year, we launched the second online store of . In just three months, we achieved excellent results of two stars. In July of the same year, we opened Aliexpress and achieved 400 orders in the first month. On Black Friday in November, we opened the super 3D printing store。 More than 2000 3D printer related products were launched throughout the year. In addition, we have reopened the Antinsky online store in China

 In addition to adding 4 online stores within a year, we also continue to expand our product line to meet the needs of our customers. The most notable thing is that we have implemented strategic cooperation with Phrozen, and become an official agent of Phrozen in Chinese mainland, and help Phrozen sell 3D printers to all over the world. In addition to Phrozen, we have also obtained the sales license of Elegoo for resin 3D printers.

In terms of materials, many people in the industry know that when they buy eSUN, they find antinsky. We have sufficient eSUN inventory for a long time. At the same time, we also establish local inventory in the United States, Europe and Australia to meet the needs of local customers for rapid shipment. In addition, Polymaker and Sunlu have also established a good cooperative relationship with us. The products of these two top 3D printing material suppliers can be easily purchased in our official stores.

We are also constantly exploring the deep cultivation of the industry. In 2021, we launched the Shinning dental 3D scanner, BLT, Farson, protofab and other dental mold metal 3D printers, Glorious dental milling machine and so on. In 2022, we will further expand dental products to meet the needs of more customers.

In addition, we are not satisfied with the development of existing products. We will also use innovation to fill the gap in the industry. The cleaning and curing kit launched in October has been welcomed by the majority of consumers with the characteristics of economy, practicality and portability. At the same time, we are also the first in the industry to provide unlimited electric pump vacuum bag kit.

The new year will still be difficult, but we will still adhere to our service concept, customer-oriented and serve customers wholeheartedly. Do not brush the bill, do not rely on advertising, all rely on service and word-of-mouth! 2022, let's work together towards a better tomorrow!

To thank the fans for their support. Antinsky promoted consumables at an ultra-low price from January 1 to 3.



                   US:14.9USD ship to door

                   EU:14.9USD ship to door

                   AU:14.9USD ship to door



                   CN: 8.9USD

                   US:13.9USD ship to door

                   EU:13.9USD ship to door

                   AU:13.9USD ship to door




2021注定是不平凡的一年。 疫情并没有像我们期望的那样早早退去。受到疫情的影响,各个国家经济和消费依然疲软。离开面罩打印的需求,2021年的3d打印机行业难以超越2020年的繁荣。众多3d打印机和3d打印机材料厂商业绩出现大幅下滑。在如此艰难的环境中,Antinsky依然取得业绩翻番的好成绩, 这与全体团队成员的努力是分不开的。 

在过去的一年中,我们上线了阿里国际的第二家线上店铺,短短三个月的时间我们做到两星的优异成绩。同年七月,我们开张了Aliexpress, 首月就达到400单的战果。11月的黑色星期五我们又开启了超级3d打印商店。全年上线超过2000件3d打印机相关商品。 此外,我们也重新开启了中国国内的线上销售

除了一年内新增4家线上店铺外,我们也不断拓展产品线已满足广大客户的需求。 其中最值得一提的是我们与Phrozen实现了战略合作,成为Phrozen在中国大陆的官方代理商,并且帮助Phrozen将3d打印机销往世界各地。除了Phrozen以外,在树脂3d打印机方面我们也获得了elegoo的销售许可。

在材料方面,业内的很多人都清楚,买ESUN就找Antinsky。 我们长期备有充足的ESUN库存,同时也在美国、欧洲和澳大利亚建立的当地的库存,满足当地客户快速发运的需求。除此以外,Polymaker和Sunlu也与我们建立了良好的合作关系。这两家顶级的3d打印材料供应商的商品在我们的官方商店都可以轻易买到。

在行业深耕方面我们也在不断探索。 2021年我们针对齿科领域,上线了先临三维的齿科3d扫描仪,BLT,Farsoon,Protofab等牙模金属3d打印机, Glorious 牙科铣床等。 2022年我们还将进一步拓展牙科产品,满足更多的客户需求。 

此外,我们也并不满足于现有产品的开发。 我们也会利用创新去填补行业的空白。我们10月份上线的清洗固化套件,以经济、实用、便携等特点受到到广大消费者的欢迎。 同时我们也是行业内率先提供无限电动泵真空袋套件。




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