How about the photocured model with only the bottom layer printed and cured on the release film?

I. Problem description:

The customer printer cannot print the model normally, and the following conditions occur:

1. Model bottom plate can be printed normally
2. There are model prints and fragments on the release film


II. Solutions:

1. Check whether the bottom plate is leveled
2. Whether the resin has been placed for too long and whether it is shaken well before use
3. Whether exposure tests have been done
4. Whether the model is supported and printed successfully


Ⅲ.the solution

1. Recalibrate the forming table
2. Do UV exposure test and modify print setting parameters
3. If the support exists and the model is stuck on the bottom plate, the exposure time of the normal layer can be increased, the diameter of the support can be thickened, the depth of the support can be deepened and the printing Angle of the model can be adjusted.

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