ANYCUBIC photon M3 max 7k resin printer 298*164*300mm 3d printing machine impresora 3d with LCD 3d printer

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ANYCUBIC photon M3 max 7k resin printer 298*164*300mm




ANYCUBIC photon M3 max 7k advantage

1.Unleash your Imagination. Equipped with the industry's first 13.6 inch large screen, building size of 298*164*300mm unleash your creativity and a whole new world of display.

2.Well-defined Details. 7K resolution and high precision ball screw Z axis rail, both make detailed printing experience.

3.Smart Resin Filling. The new automatic feeding function automatically feed the resin vat when resin is insufficient and stop when resin is enough.

4.Foundation is the Key. The laser engraving pattern after repeated designs and tests greatly increases the adhesion at the bottom of the platform and improves the printing success rate.

5.Speed up your experience. The self-developed Anycubic LighTurbo features matrix-arranged LCD beads, which provide strong light power, making high-speed printing possible.

6.Sharp Details Everytime.  Contrast ratio up to 450:1, 125% higher than other resin printers (200:1), improves the details.

7.Save more Precious time. The fastest printing speed can reach 60mm/h, and it only takes 2 hours to print the 12cm high miniarure, which is 1 hour less than the 3 hours printing of other resin printers.

8.Protect what matters. Add dedicated and replaceable screen protector to protect the premium 13.6'' 7K screen and feel relief.

9.Fully Compatible Slicer. Anycubic Photon Workshop is fully compatible with all Anycubic resin printers. It is also perfect for setting some parameter, and also saves the high amount of money spending on third-party slicing software, free and professional.


Technical Specifications

● Exposure screen: 13.6" monochrome

● Printing accuracy: 6,480 x 3,600 px (7K)

● Contrast ratio: 450:1

● Light source: Parallel matrix (LED lights x 84)

● Build plate: Laser engraved platform

● Printing speed: ≤ 6 cm/hr

● Control panel: 4.3" resistive touch-control

● Data input: USB-A 2.0

● Power input: rated 120W

● Print size: 30.0 x 29.8 x 16.4 cm / 13.0 x 11.7 x 6.5in. (HDW)

● Printing volume: 14.7 L / 498.5 oz

● Machine size: 59.6 x 40.0 x 40.8 cm / 38.3 x 22.7 x 22.2 in. (HDW)

● Machine weight: 21 kg / 46.3 lb

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