FEP and PFA (nFEP) Film Size

The FEP film is the multi-layer transparent foil installed on the resin vat, allowing UV light to run through it and curing liquid resin during the printing process.

If your printer starts to produce low-quality objects, an increase in printing failure rates, or notice severe dents, scratches, deformation on the FEP film. The film may require a replacement.

The following chart is the size of the FEP and PFA (nFEP) films:


FEP and PFA (nFEP) Film Size

Size Suitable LCD size Suitable Printers
210 x 297 mm 5.5” LCD
6.1” LCD
8.9” LCD
9.3” LCD
Sonic Mini 8K
Sonic Mini 4K
Sonic XL 4K
Sonic Mighty 4K
Sonic 4K
Sonic Mini
Shuffle Series
380 x 250 mm 13.3” LCD Transform Series
450 x 280 mm 15” LCD Mega 8K


Check this post for the guide on replacing the FEP film.


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