Phrozen 3d printer connection Methods

Please refer to the graph below to find out how to connect your resin 3D printer: via USB Connection, Ethernet Connection, or WiFi Connection.


Products Wifi Connection Ethernet Connection USB Connection
Sonic Mini Series ❙ Sonic Mini 4K
❙ Sonic Mini
Sonic Mighty Series ❙ Sonic Mighty 4K
Sonic Series ❙ Sonic XL 4K 2022
❙ Sonic 4K 2022
❙ Sonic 4K
❙ Sonic
❙ Sonic XL 4K
Shuffle Series ❙ Shuffle XL Lite
❙ Shuffle 4K
❙ Shuffle 2019
❙ Shuffle 2018
❙ Shuffle Lite
❙ Shuffle XL 2019
❙ Shuffle XL 2018
Transform Series ❙ Transform Fast
❙ Transform Standard


After confirming the availability of connection methods for your printer or unsure of the difference of each connecting method. Please check the following section for connection instructions.


USB Connection

Upload a 3D printing file directly from your USB. Then use the touch panel on your resin 3D printer to operate the system.


Ethernet Connection

Purchase a router and connect its LAN to your 3D printer using a gray internet cable. The printer will then show you an IP address. Type it onto a web browser (we recommend using Google Chrome) and your LAN will be good to go. For a more detailed guide on connecting your printer via ethernet, please refer to this post.


WIFI Connection

Use your USB WiFi to connect your printer to your current WiFi environment. You can then use any of your devices (including your laptop or smartphone) in the same WiFi environment to connect to the 3D printer.

1. When saving your file, make sure to name your file using letters from the English alphabet.
2. If you have more 3d technical questions, please read our 3D technology. If our article can't solve your problem, you can send your problem to


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