Formatting the USB Drive

To format your USB drive, you'll need to convert the format of your USB drive to FAT 32; otherwise, the resin 3D printer won't recognize your USB. Please note that the following steps will format your USB drive, so make sure to save a backup of all your files. 

Formatting the USB Drive

  1. Connect your USB to a Windows computer
  2. Right-click on Computer, then click Manage
  3. Click Disk Manager
  4. Choose your USB Drive, right-click and choose Format. Click Yes.
  5. Name the drive and select the file system as FAT 32. Make sure the Allocation unit size is 2048 bytes.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Formatting to FAT 32 is complete. Your USB drive is ready to connect to your resin 3D printer! 

  1. Transcend USB 2.0 Flashdisk 16 GB
  2. Sandisk USB 2.0 Flashdisk 16 GB


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