Exporting File Formats

Once you've chosen your 3D print design, it’s time to export and save it as a file that is compatible with your 3D printer. The following chart shows file formats that are compatible with our devices:


Product Chitubox, Lychee, Formware PZ Slicer
.ctb .phz .cbddlp .zip .phz
Sonic Mini Series ❙ Sonic Mini 8K
❙ Sonic Mini 4K
 Sonic Mini
Sonic Mighty Series ❙ Sonic Mighty 4K
Sonic Mega Series ❙ Sonic Mega 8K
Sonic Series ❙ Sonic XL 4K 2022
❙ Sonic 4K 2022
❙ Sonic 4K
❙ Sonic
❙ Sonic XL 4K
Shuffle Series ❙ Shuffle XL Lite
❙ Shuffle 4K
❙ Shuffle 2019
❙ Shuffle 2018
❙ Shuffle Lite
❙ Shuffle XL 2019
❙ Shuffle XL 2018
Transform Series ❙ Transform Fast
❙ Transform Standard


1. After successfully slicing your 3D model, there are various connection methods available for your resin 3D printer. Please click here to learn more.

2. Click here to learn how to export files from CHITUBOX.


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