How to checking the LED of Phrozen 3d printer

When encountering an issue, sometimes you may need to check the status of your LED screen to ensure that it is functioning correctly. We will guide you through several methods of checking your LED:

DO NOT look directly into the light. Indecent exposure to UV light may cause eye and/or skin injuries.

Performing the LCD Test

Running the LCD test helps to identify if the UV lighting is distributed evenly.

  1. On the touch panel, click TOOLS, then click LCD TEST.
  2. Three options may appear on the touch panel; choose the white rectangle with black sides.
  3. On the LCD screen, a bright blue square will appear.
  4. Run this test to check if the UV lighting is distributed evenly.
1. You could place a piece of paper above the LCD screen for easier analysis.
2.If you have more 3d technical questions, please read our 3D technology. If our article can't solve your problem, you can send your problem to


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