Refilling the Resin Vat While Printing

As the resin level drops, you will need to refill the resin vat or resin tank to ensure a successful print. The following are steps for adding resin mid-print:  

  1. Do not pause the printing process.
  2. Remove/open the case/chamber.
  3. Slowly pour resin into the vat as the building plate moves up. Make sure the UV lights are turned off while doing so.
  4. Once the resin vat has been filled, place/close the case back onto your 3D printer. Resume printing.
DO NOT overfill the resin vat as this may cause spillage, which could damage your device.
After each print, use the yellow plastic scraper included in your toolbox to remove any cured resin left on the building plate and the FEP film. Learn how to remove cured resin on the FEP film here

Phrozen Official Resin Profile

Migration is still in progress and will be available very soon. Please click this link to view the official resin profile for all Phrozen printers and resins:


Shaking the Resin Before Printing

Before pouring resin into the resin vat, make sure to shake evenly for approximately 30 seconds. This is because the resin is made up of several components including color pigments, which tend to settle at the bottom of the bottle.

As resin is shaken, the sediments will distribute evenly, meaning that you can create successful 3D prints more easily.

If you don't shake resin before pouring it into the resin vat, it will cure unevenly, and your prints may fail.

When pouring resin, make sure it does not exceed half of the height of the resin vat. This prevents resin from overflowing during the printing process which could cause damage to the LCD screen.


Optimal Temperature for 3D Printing

We recommend you operate your Phrozen 3D printer following the standard below:

1. Ideally 75°F-86°F or 24°C-30°C.

2. Adjust settings below 65°F-75°F or 18°C-24°C. (Increase exposure time by 20%)

3. Not suggested (or warm-up resin) below 65°F or 18°C.

If you have more 3d technical questions, please read our 3D technology. If our article can't solve your problem, you can send your problem to



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