Suggested Slicer Software

What is a Slicer Software?

Slicer software or slicing software is a program that converts/slices 3D-formated files into 2D printable layers.

The 3D printer then reads each 2D printable layer and the given instructions, including parameters such as layer height, exposure time, and speed settings, etc. And printing each layer one at a time.

Suggested Slicer Softwares

There are multiple slicer softwares in the 3D printing community; here are our top 3 picks.


With its user-friendly interface and workflow, CHITUBOX Basic enables you to slice your models easily and quickly with only a few clicks. The third-party slicer software is available for free and works with all Phrozen 3D printers.

Download here.


Formware 3D Phrozen Edition

Formware 3D Phrozen Edition is free for printers in the Sonic Series; this only includes Sonic 4K and Sonic XL 4K. Formware 3D Phrozen Edition is also compatible with the rest of our printers, except Sonic Mega 8K, though you will have to purchase it from our website, and extra charges will be applied.  


Lychee Slicer

Lychee Slicer, another popular slicer software among the 3D printing community, provides some interesting extra features such as the Magic Mode, which auto rotates, supports, and hollows your 3D print.

Download here.


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