Antinsky ECO Standard Resin 1KG White with High precision and excellent performance for 3D Printing resin

颜色: White
Shipping From: China
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Antinsky ECO Standard Resin

Antinsky is the Biggest 3d printing trading company. More than 50 brands of 3d printing and >1000 products have enter our online store. We have one Trading Company, one 3d printer factory, one 3d filament factory, one 3d pen factory. Main business: 3d printer, 3d filament, 3d resin, 3d pen, 3d scanner, 3d spare parts and 3d service Main cooperative brand 3d Filament & Resin: eSUN, Antinsky, Sunlu, Sunhokey, Polymaker, Cctree, Hello3d, Sting, Boxai,… 3d Printer: Creality, Anycubic, Artillery, Phrozen, Flashforge, Elegoo, Raise3d Flsun, Weedo, Dazzle, Twotrees, Dowell, Jgmaker, Anet, QIDI, Ideaformer, Vanshape, … Metal 3d printer: BLT, Farsoon 3d Scanner: Einscan, Scantech, Creality, xyzprinting 3d Pen: Antinsky 3d equipment: Mosaic Engraving&Cutting: Twotrees, NEJE, YEMING Overseas Stock: US EU AU RU CA UK (


High precision
Excellent cost performance
Short exposure time

Professional optimization for LCD light source molding,higher printing efficiency than DLP/LCD/SLA-compatibleresin on the market.

viscosity (cpsat60°c) :200-300
Density ofliquid (g/cm2):1.17士0.02
Shore hardness(Shore D):82D
Tensile strength (Mpa)50
Strength of bending (Mpa):47
Elongation at break (%):15
Tg (°c):100
Colour and lustre (APHA):<30
The thickness of the Normal exposure time0.2-0.5

Light timeZ:0.5s

Bottom exposure time: 15
The molding accuracy is within 士0.2mm, according to
the energy uniformity of the equipment can also be
controlled within 0.1mm. The details are good, the
feature details and the hole effect are good


Long time without cracking,compatible with most
LCD machines on the market widely used in hand,pro-
totype design and other occasions

The resin fluidity is good, the printingprocessis shorter, the molding speed is faster

Standard resin as the industry best-selling resin consum-ables,in the printing success rate, platform adhesion, detail performance,printing accuracy, hardness, toughness, odor,fluidity, easy to clean and other aspects of balance effect


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