3DMakerPro Magic Swift Plus Mono Premium High-precision 3D Scanner Portable 3D Scanner

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3DMakerPro Magic Swift Plus Mono Premium
3DMakerpro is an overseas brand of Shenzhen Jimuyida Technology Co., Ltd, officially founded in 2015, which is also a renowned 3D services provider. In our team, there are more than 100 R&D personnel, and 60% of them have master’s degree or higher. Besides, most of them have over 10 years of working experience in optics, electronics, 3D modeling, machine vision and other 3D industries, and we dedicate to providing consumer-friendly 3D scanners to North America, Europe and the rest of the whole world.

Wide Capture Range

As the first wide-format 3D scanner in the consumer market, Magic Swift Plus is equipped with several advantages such as easy operation, great efficiency and high accuracy, etc., and can capture fine details. It has received warm welcome from tens of thousands of users since its market debut.

High Compatibility

Magic Swift Plus supports scanning on WIN10/11,MacOS 11/12 (contains the M1 chip). Easy way to scan, perfect for new users and breakthroughs in 3D technology. The 3D models scanned can be directly processed in design software, such as UnrealEngine, Rhino, Blender, Maya, Meshmixer, MeshLab, TinkerCAD, SketchUp, SolidWorks, ZBrush, Unity3D, 3DMax, Cinema4D, Mudbox, Genmagic, Fusion360.

Scan in Sunlight

With Magic Swift Plus' NIR Spectroscopy, a pattern invisible to the human eye is projected onto the surface of your object, so you can easily scan in sunlight. We exclusively invent the multi-spectral optical projection device, keeping the visible light away from interfering with the scanning result.

Dual Scanning Modes

In the turntable mode, the automatic scanning process can provide you with a convenient using experience, while it's also flexible and easy to operate in the handheld mode. Furthermore, if you want to use our scanner outdoors, it can work with a portable power bank.

Product Model
Magic Swift Plus Mono Premium
Coded structured light Projector
0.25 mm
Single-frame Precision[ 1]
0.1 mm
Single-frame Accuracy[2]
0.1 mm
Single capture range
Working distance
Minimum scan volume
20×20×20 (mm)
Maximum scan volume
Scan speed
10 fps
Point Distance
0.25 mm
Light source
No-marker,Auto Match
Output format
Texture scan
Special object scanning
For the black, transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray.
Scanning Environment
Scanner weight
Printable data output
Able to export 3D model directly to 3D printing
Required computer configurations
WIN10/11,MacOS 11/12(contains the M1 chip)
Connector Type
Micro USB
Minimum computer requirements
Intel Core i5 8th, 8 GB RAM, MX250 GPU with 2 GB VRAM
Recommended computer requirements
Intel Core i7 8th, 16GB RAM, NVDIA1060 GPU with 4GB VRAM
USB interface
USB 3.0

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