3DMAKERPRO Whale 3D Scanner Dual Cores

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3DMAKERPRO Whale 3D Scanner Dual Cores 


Dual Cores

Dual Cores 0.05 mm Ultra-high Accuracy

The Whale scanner is ideal for modifying and designing. lt can swiftly scan industrial spare parts with complicated forms and surfaces and generate models with a scanning resolution of 0.2mm High Resolution.


Dual Scanner - All-in-One

Scans large structural components, as big as a car hood, while at the same time, accurately scanning all the object's tiny details.


Dark Object Scan

Scans in bright light even in full sunshine, scans dark colors, even completely black objects.

Reverse Engineering Application

Whale's swift 3D scanning capability is ideal for modifying, designing, and optimizing even the most complex industrial spare parts. Complicated forms and surfaces are quickly and easily scanned and generate precise models with 0.05mm optimum accuracy.

Whale is capable of a reverse engineering scanner. It reconstructs precise CAD models that appear as a mirror image of the original congruent in every detail. Users have the power to reimagine, repair, and even redefine existing designs.

Industry Specific Applications

Whale’s accuracy makes it ideal for highly specialized tasks. This includes a diverse range of applications – from recording the specifics of a crime scene, or an archaeological relic, to vintage objects and significant historical items.

The scanner accurately reproduces the color and form of all manner of items - furniture, evidence markers, and details that may need to be recorded from walls and other textured surfaces. Whale’s capacity to generate impressions with a scanning precision of up to 0.05mm, contributes to intensely clear and highly detailed models. Whale is as accurate in scanning the minute details of small items, like bullets, or as broad and bulky as is required to scan a sofa or even an entire whole automobile.

Medical Applications

One of Whale's most sophisticated characteristics is its capability to gather comprehensive face and other physical data in seconds, which is setting a benchmark in the healthcare field. Whale provides personalized healthcare solutions in both pre-and post-operative analysis, and through the collection of data that aids the likes of plastic and rehabilitative surgery.

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