Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus FDM Printer 300*300*400mm Resume Printing

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 Print volume: 300*300*400mm
· Max printing speed: 300 mm/s
· 11 x 11 (121) points auto leveling
· Up to 300°C nozzle
· Compatible with PLA/PETG/ABS/TPU/Nylon Filaments
· WIFI/WLAN/USB transfer

[Resume Printing]: Sidewinder X3features the function of detecting filament runout or breakage/power loss and resuming printing after recovery. It helps to avoid the waste of filaments and time caused by accidents. (We provide a one-year warranty and 24-hour after-sales service, and you can always contact us at any time.)
[Dual Z-axes & Dual Motors ]: Sidewinder X3 With a Z-axis dual-screw+Z-axis dual-motor design to lower the possibility of lines and ridges on the sides of your print, for more stable movement of the print head and higher printing accuracy.
[Ultra-Quiet Printing at High Speed] Sidewinder X3 Pro can print speeds of up to 300 mm/s while maintaining 0.1 mm precision, so you can create quality models faster and more efficiently. Easy to Use for Beginners.
[Large Build Size]: 11.8x11.8x15.7 in LARGE PRINTING SIZE - Sidewinder X3 Plus boasts an impressive printing size of 300×300×400mm, Providing you with greater creative freedom.
[Direct Drive Extruder]: Latest developed Metal Direct Drive Extruder with dual gear set, provides Sidewinder X3 with a higher drive ratio and stronger extrusion force, helping to achieve more accurate extrusion.

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