AtomStack A20 Pro Laser Engraver 130W Cutting Machine with F30 Pro Air Assist Kit

样式: Only Laser Engraver
Sale price$1,099.00




1. Unprecedented Power: The world's first laser engraver boasting a 20W optical power. With a cutting-edge combination of four 6W lasers, it effortlessly cuts through 12-15mm thick tungsten and 8mm thick acrylic in a single pass, and can even handle 0.05mm stainless steel.

2. F30 Pro Air Assist Kit: Standard with every purchase, this upgraded kit dramatically enhances cutting capacity, ensuring precision and superior quality in every project.

3. Advanced 32-bit Motherboard: Our latest AtomStack innovation features a 256-bit color scale, delivering unparalleled engraving clarity and contrast. Now, vibrant projects aren't just a dream!

4. Innovative Laser Design: Say goodbye to cumbersome focusing sheets and subpar air assists. The A20 laser showcases a tool-free focusing module and an integrated air-assist system, combining sleek aesthetics with functionality.

5. AtomStack Mobile App: Available on major Android and Apple stores, our custom-designed app provides a unique, seamless control experience. All in the palm of your hand!

6. Eye-Protection Redefined: Our panoramic filter glass cover shields eyes effectively, blocking 97% of UV light. No more goggles; observe your engraving in real-time, safely.

7. Sturdy & Quick Assembly: With an all-aluminum alloy anodized structure, this machine promises durability and precise engraving. Plus, assembly is a breeze, typically completed in just 20-30 minutes.

8. State-of-the-Art Fixed-Focus Laser: No more pre-engraving adjustments. This laser's focal spot is notably smaller and more precise, marrying detailed engraving with powerful cutting.

9. Universal Compatibility: Supports a plethora of engraving software like LaserGRBL and LightBurn. Compatible with numerous OS and file formats, ensuring flexibility in your projects.

10. Detailed Axis Scale Lines: Precise scales on the X and Y axes enable swift measurements. With a generous 400x400mm engraving area, all your project needs are covered.

11. Superior Compression Technology: An ultra-fine laser focus of 0.08*0.1mm allows for easy cutting of materials like 25mm wood and 30mm acrylic. Its performance rivals that of a 300W CO₂ laser engraver.

12. Integrated Screw Rod: An all-in-one design for the stepper motor and screw rod ensures pinpoint laser accuracy and enhanced durability.

13. Convenient Laser Adjustment: Newly incorporated knob facilitates easy height adjustments.

14. Offline Engraving: With the AtomStack A20 PRO's terminal control panel, go computer-free and engrave wherever inspiration strikes.

15. Extreme Sintering Temperatures: Laser sintering reaches up to a searing 2400℃.

16. Emergency Control: An incorporated stop button ensures immediate response during unexpected situations, enhancing safety.

17. Reliable Stopper: Included for precision and safety.

18. Reset Capability: Built-in for user convenience.

19. Expandable Engraving Area: With a modular body design, simply switch out frame components to achieve a whopping 400*850mm engraving size.

Package Included:
2 × Support beam
1 × Y-axis left slide rail
1 × Y-axis right slide rail
1 × X-axis rail
1 × control box
1 × Display screen
1 × Laser head
1 × Air-assisted Machine
1 × Rubber Tube
1 × Power Adapter
1 × Power cable
1 × USB cable
3 × Foot bracket
1 × HDMI cable
1 × card reader
1 × TF card
1 × Mounting screws
1 × Metal mat board
1 × Product Manual
1 × Fixed focus film
1 × Dust-free cloth
3 × Acrylic sheet
1 × Synchronous belt
1 × Safety Glasses
1 × Toolkit
1 × Brush
1 × Wire tie
3 × Wood chips

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