Bambu Lab AMS lite Rotary Spool Holder

样式: Green(top left/bottom right)
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The AMS lite Rotary Spool Holder is designed to support and hold the spool when it's attached to the AMS lite. Each rotary spool holder has 3 spool claws to secure the spool in place. While the feeder unit pulls the filament, the rotary spool holder works in coordination to enable the spool to rotate during the printing process. This ensures continuous filament feeding and smooth operation.

The rotary spool holder is designed in both green and yellow versions to work with the left and right feeder units for filament feeding. For the green version, the two holders are installed on the bottom-right roller and top-left roller, rotating counterclockwise to feed filament to slots 1 and 3. For the yellow version, the two holders are installed on the bottom-left roller and top-right roller, rotating clockwise to feed filament to slots 2 and 4.

Please note that the spool holder can only be installed and correctly operated on the roller that matches its color version. Please confirm that you have selected the correct version (green or yellow) before purchase.



Learn more about replacing the AMS lite Rotary Spool Holder on Bambu Lab Wiki.


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1. AMS lite Rotary Spool Holder * 1



AMS lite


Product Specifications

Materials Plastic, Metal Packaging Size 125*125*95 mm
Color Grey
Packaging Weight 60 g

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