Bambu Lab Chamber Camera - X1 Series

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The chamber camera is included by default in the X1-Carbon and is an optional upgrade that you can install for the X1. The chamber camera has three functions, which are Remote Livestreams, Spaghetti Detection and Time-lapses respectively.

  • Remote livestream: you can observe print progress anytime, anywhere.

  • Spaghetti Detection: Spaghetti detection uses AI to detect print failures. If this feature is enabled, once spaghetti is detected, the printer pauses and waits for your input before continuing or stopping the print.

  • Time-lapses: This feature uses the chamber camera to automatically create a time-lapse video of a print and make an innovative video.
  • Compatibility

    X1 Series Exclusive


    Learn more about the replacement of the chamber camera on Bambu Lab Wiki.

    Product Specification

    FOV 110° Resolution Ratio 1920*1080
    FN 2.6 Frame rate 30 fps
    Package Weight 14 g Package size 60*60*30 mm

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