Bambu Lab Clock Components Kit 011

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The Clock Components Kit contains all the non-3D printed parts for assembling an entirely functional Maker World Clock. To complete the work, you also need to download the model files and 3D print the remaining parts.

To download the model files of the Maker World Clock and obtain detailed information, please visit the Maker World Clock on

In the Box

Item Qty
Electronic Clock Mechanism (Battery excluded)
Metal Clock Hands (Optional to assemble) 3 PCS
Rubber Flat Washer (for assembling other clock models) 1 PCS
Metal Flat Washer (for assembling other clock models) 1 PCS
Hex Socket Nut 1 PCS


Please note that the Clock Components Kit does not come with batteries. Please bring your own AA battery to power the clock.

Product Specifications

Packaging Size 100*70*40mm Power AA Battery * 1
Packaging Weight 600 g
Color Black

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