Bambu Lab Engine Model Components Kit 005

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The Engine Model Components Kit contains all the necessary hardware components for assembling a Santa's Snowcat or an Engine Model.
* For the installation of Santa's Snowcat, only the motor in the kit is needed.

To complete the assembly for an entirely functional piece, users also need to download the model files and 3D print the remaining parts.

To download the model files of Santa's Snowcat and obtain detailed information, please visit the Santa's Snowcat on MakerWorld.

To download the model files of Engine Model and obtain detailed information, please visit the Engine Model on MakerWorld

In the Box

1. Motor * 1

2. Screw BT2-6 * 58±4 (44 pcs for assembly, remaining extras can be kept as spares)
3. Screw M3-23 * 2
4. Magnet D4-H2 * 16
5. Compression Spring D7-L12 * 4



1. Please power the device using a USB power supply with the specified voltage.
2. Please test the operation of the mechanism by rotating the control handle before powering. After powering, verify the operational status of the motor and be cautious to prevent motor blockage.
3. It is recommended to use indoors at room temperature. 

Product Specifications

Voltage DC 5V
Packaging Size 100*69*35 mm
Product Weight
79 g Gross Weight 93 g

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