Bambu Lab Hardened Steel Extruder Gear Assembly - A1 Series

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The Hardened Steel Extruder Gear Assembly is an internal component of the Extruder Unit. It comprises a driven gear and an active gear that work together to feed filament into the hotend.

Built with heavy-duty materials, the extruder gear assembly is designed for long-lasting performance. If abrasion or clogging occurs due to extended use, users can just replace the extruder gear assembly rather than the whole extruder unit.


Learn more about replacing the Hardened Steel Extruder Gear Assembly on Bambu Lab Wiki.


In the Box

1. Extruder Gear Assembly * 1
2. Ball Bearing * 1



A1 Series


Product Specifications

Materials Plastic, Metal Packaging Size 60*60*30 mm
Color Yellow, Black, Grey
Packaging Weight 40 g

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